The Use Of TENS Units and TENS Pads

The Use Of TENS Units and TENS PadsTENS is now an important part of medical treatments around the world, because it helps reduce pain in the human body. Many aches and pains don’t always go away with Tylenol or Advil and this is when doctors recommend the use of controlled electric currents and now, thanks to TENS units and TENS pads(, this can be done from home.

Let’s see what TENS units and TENS pads can do for you.

Pain Relief

The purpose of TENS is to suppress pain. The mind perceives pain, which in turn causes discomfort and continuous aching. Patients who have chronic pain will understand how pain suppression can be useful. Instead of using pain medications all the time, why not use a nerve stimulator to help reduce the pain?

Medical professionals cite studies where pain relief has been achieved thanks to this approach. By sending controlled currents towards the aching muscles, the body can adapt to and tolerate the pain that’s in the body and this is what helps to provide long-term relief.

Controlled Stimulation

The stimulation is a must, but has to be controlled. It’s not about going for a “randomized” approach, because that can be unsafe and is never recommended by doctors. It’s best for the current to go through the pads and have them situated around the body in key areas.

Once this is done in a controlled manner, the contractions will begin, and the body will start to kick-in as needed. This controlled stimulation is what the body needs in order to recover from the pain being treated as the currents can help reinvigorate the nerves and muscles.

Enables Consistency

The current coming through is going to be reliant on the pads for consistency. The current on its own is dangerous, which is why it has to go through the pad. This is where pain suppression comes in. Studies have shown that the right pads can make a real difference in pain relief because they ensure every current is consistent.

When the nerves are stimulated in such a manner, the body can suppress pain, but if the currents are off, it will only add to one’s worries.

TENS pads are now being employed to manage nerve stimulators around the world. These pads should be tested by reliable agencies before being released to the public, so going with an “approved” or “certified” option is best. Don’t rely on electrodes that aren’t tested beforehand as they may not work with the stimulators you’re using.

These pads are what ensure proper pain management is possible in the long-run, otherwise it will only get worse. The pads are made to help with the stimulators and have to be placed as directed to achieve the desired results. Pain relief might just be around the corner for those using these pads.

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