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The spiritual science of yoga has a long and rich history that traces its origins thousands of years ago. It is a history full of uncertainties and obscure places due to the way of transmission of its texts and teachings. Although there are many parts of this history that remain unknown and mysterious to us, today we can enjoy in everything else that this ancient discipline has to offer and perhaps somewhere in the future we will manage to reach even the facts that remain hidden from us and then we will fully understand everything.

How can yoga help us reach an inner peace and happiness?

Many people consider that reaching inner peace and happiness can be achieved through the attainment of our outer needs. Such pleasures are just an illusion of real happiness and the effects they have upon us are not permanent; they fade away quickly leaving behind that feeling of emptiness, and there is a constant longing for something more that seems to be far beyond our reach. Yoga can help us reach that inner peace and happiness and acquire a higher level of understanding. It allows people to return to the ruts of their nature and begin to understand them better and it allows them to achieve the balance between body, soul, and mind.


What will you get by practicing yoga?

Yoga is a perfect combination of meditation, breathing exercises and physical exercises that practiced together give the best results. It will help you not only to reach the union between the individual soul and the universal soul, but it will also help you develop both physical and mental strength and build up a healthy immune system that will make you resistant to various diseases and other health issues. Besides this, yoga will help you relax and get rid of the stress that accumulates in your body during the day. It will increase your energy and make you capable of dealing with all demands of everyday life. It will help you build awareness of your surroundings and improve your social life and your relationships with other people. Finally, yoga will help you lose weight, shape your body to perfection, improve your body posture and its flexibility and relieve you from any pain in your body. Eventually, when you achieve all this, you will also reach your desired goal and an inner satisfaction, happiness and peace of mind.

Where can you practice yoga?

You can practice yoga either alone in the comfort of your home, in nature or in a professional yoga studio with a group of people and a yoga instructor to guide you. If you are not sure how to do all the exercises on your own, you can find an excellent yoga studio where you can get everything you need to achieve the desired results, and if you want only the best, then you should know that yoga studios Montreal has to offer are among the most respectable ones. Pick one you think will best suit you and your needs and you will not repent; you will feel better and more satisfied and fulfilled even after your first training.

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