The Dangers of Self Driving Cars and Driving While High

Most people would think that we have reached a perfection in measures and methods used to prevent the users of the road from being seriously injured or even killed, and that self-driving cars and laws against driving while under the influence of marihuana are some of them.

Are Self-Driving Cars really Safe?

Although experts say that self-driving cars represent the future of transportation and that they will significantly reduce the number of accidents, there are still some claims that point to the dangers of self driving cars. Self-driving cars are meant to replace the manual navigation of humans and be totally autonomous. They are meant to be designed in such way that they will not compromise safety, but regardless of this, they still are not a good option.

Namely, self-driving cars are supposed to operate on existing roadways, highways and city streets, but our current infrastructure has not been yet enough optimized for the use of such autonomous vehicles and may, therefore, lead to serious accidents rather than prevent them. Besides this, these self-driving cars have special navigation systems that may not function well in the snowstorms or heavy rain, and they may not be able to deal with the sudden changes. In this way, these vehicles may give the drivers a false sense of security. Additionally, self-driving cars may be easily hacked just like any other computing device thus giving the possibility to any skilled hacker to figure out a way how to take a control of car’s acceleration or steering. This, too, can influence the safety of the drivers in a variety of ways. Also, there is the possibility that the system can malfunction in some way or experience an unexpected glitch that may cause the machine of a car to act in an unpredicted way or stop, which can be dangerous if you are traveling at high speed on a road. Furthermore, self-driving cars can increase your exposure to an electromagnetic field of radiation that comes from the GPS guidance, tracking tools, remote controls, radio systems, Wi-Fi connectivity, etc. that are all present in these modern cars.

If it happens that you are the owner of one such vehicle and that your car does not function properly and that you experience any of these unpleasant and dangerous situations mentioned above, you can always fill the vehicle manufacturer lawsuits and get an appropriate compensation for your troubles.

Is it Safe to Drive While High?

Driving high represents a kind of impaired driving when your ability to drive in a safe way can be affected significantly. Impaired driving is recognized to be one of the leading causes of both injuries and death all over the world. Therefore, there are frequent reports of the accidents from people driving high. Although some people believe that using marihuana or other drugs while driving is not the same as using alcohol, do not be fooled by this as it can be equally dangerous, if not more. In past several years, the majority of drivers who died in road crashes had been under the influence of marihuana or some other drug. So, have this notion in mind before you get behind the wheel or into a car with another driver who may be using some of these substances.

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