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The Pain of Having Hair Extensions

Extensions are not easy all times. It is likely that most women who tested hair extensions can sign. Here are the eight most common problems.

1. Hair extensions are expensive. If you want a swell that looks natural with real hair, open the big wallet. And it’s worth it because bad extensions are not fun for anyone, neither for you nor the spectators.

2. You must ALWAYS fix your hair with extensions. With hair straighteners, the fact that you can let your hair dry and go out to town does not exist. No, for a good result, you need to flat, cheek or attract it – every time!

3. Pulling the hair is a memory only. In the past, your partner could pinch your hair and pull your fingers through the barrier, but now you’re forced to go on with “be careful, I have a hair extension so please do not touch my hair. Never type again “.

4. Your head suddenly weighs one kilo more with all hair. So it’s important to keep your head high in order not to tip over

5. Some of the hardest with a lot of hair loss is that you can easily overheat your neck. Having hair extensions during the summer is a bit of a bother, but what do you not do for a really hot Hollywood ward?

6. Washing your hair is a challenge in itself and should really be classified as a physical activity. The simple hair days when you just washed the swallow and wade it in ten minutes are like blown away. Now you must set aside at least one hour for hair styling. In addition, a completely new hair care wardrobe is required in the form of products adapted for the correct hair straightening.

7. The involuntary pagen. Extensions are a little addictive and the gods will know that on the day you decide to let go of hair you will go on a page because your real hair is so tired.

8. Sunbeds that include sand, saltwater and chlorine often go hand in hand with tangled hair extensions. So, forget about the Costa Rica travel if you do not expect about four kilos extra in the suitcase that only consists of hair products.

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